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There is a 250 ,000 Btu waste burner at the fish camp used to dispose of food waste as we are not allowed to dump it either in the ocean (polutioon) or in a ( dump site because it attracts Grizzly bears and thus is an extreme hazard to people in the area.
The fire box is cast refractory so we go to lengths to prevent moisture issues during the closed season.
Start up each season is a lengthy careful process that brings the refractory up to 200 deg F and holds it there by multiple short firings over a 24 hour period.
so far so good.
last year we nearly lost the machine because a returning employee that had been in charge of operating the burner decided to burn a load of kitchen waste as soon as I got power to that float which is by choice sheltered and hidden from customer view.
I saw the steam cloud forming and managed to turn it off before if damaged itself. In addition to what he had just put in the firebox was 1/4 full of wet ashes from last season which Were supposed to have been cleaned out as part of the shut down at the end of the previous season.
That little fiasco cost him his job - not the fire this year but the failure to service the machine properly at the end of the previous season.
Life beats the alternative hands down.
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