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Originally Posted by milomilo View Post
Did you check the flatness of the clamped up assembly before you tack welded?
yes, it's a work in progress. I actually ground out many tacks and had to re-do them to try to get it at as flat as I can.

Originally Posted by digger doug View Post
How can 3/16" hot rolled be expected to hold .015" ?
And for how long after you assemble it ?
The slats on the bottom are laser-cut to ± 0.003", so when the top is clamped down to them, they help bring it down to their level. Obviously they will flex too, so that is where the judicious selection of clamping pressures comes into play as well.

Originally Posted by midmosandblasting View Post
Please let us know on completion what was attained .
I will. Initial testing showed pretty close the mfg spec, but then again I was using a box level to check against for flatness, which likely isn't super duper straight on it's own. I ordered a machined straight edge (± 0.003") so I will do a little more testing and loosen up some tacks and re-do as needed.

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