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Originally Posted by milomilo View Post
I have the string type as well as the board type. Mine are aluminum and they are stamped for size. The sorting of nuts and bolts the last few days makes them invaluable to me. After sorting the fasteners for an hour, I was getting pretty good at identifying them visually without using the checker. Only had to stop about every 20th one. Usually between 3/8, 7/16 and 1/2 nuts.
That would be the ulterior motive. my need to pick them up. so, I can sort through the half ton of Nut's & Bolts I have.

A few years ago. I bought I think it was eighteen or twenty bends of nut's and Bolt's from a hardware store, going out of business. each bend has six drawers
and about half full of hardware "Nuts & Bolts" and a few weeks ago a buddy of mine down the road gave me a five-gallon bucket full of hardened bolts, Of 3/4" up mostly new bolts... So the OCD thing here is it's an udder and total mess... And I need to reorganize them. So, I won't look at the mess and go Ah, Crap, And just run down to Napa and buy some fastener, over searching the mess for what I'm looking for.
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