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Originally Posted by Camaro Zach View Post
I’m bored so here is a shot of the way I do them. Grab the seal and gently pry it up using the head as a fulcrum.
Yeah, I've tried that ad they are stuck almost like glued on so I have tried different vise grips channel locks etc.

Originally Posted by Whitetrash View Post
Randall, your looking in the wrong aisle of the hardware store. Look for a Catspaw pry bar in the carpounder section. Might have to do a little regrinding/massage on the claw. But, I think you will have what you need.
That will prolly do it I just didn't think about cats paw will go to town in the AM and pick up one of the small ones and grind it to shape it enough to get done with this...
Thanks Guys
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