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Originally Posted by LKeithR View Post
You gonna sign him up as an SFT member?

Ain't this place great!!
I left him my decoder ring and instructions. He’s a great guy, he rebuilds pipe organ turbines. Very very cool work.

Originally Posted by toprecycler View Post
Great, SFT comes thru again!

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It always does.
Originally Posted by Whitetrash View Post
So, ponder this Y'all it took an SFT member in Alberta in the Canuck land "Of the Ice & Snow" to find a Machinist in Washington State USA for a Redneck from Missouri "The Show Me State". The Internet is a strange place
It gets a bit better than that. This is a one off engine with ultra rare parts that’s been down for weeks. A company rep and I had to coordinate schedules just to be here at the same time to do the work. The engines from Spain, the company is from Germany and it took SFT to make it happen. There are floor of engineers that can’t get this shit right. SMH

Originally Posted by LKeithR View Post
But it works...
Sure does
Originally Posted by Shade Tree Welder View Post
It took an SFT member in Hellinois, to remind the redneck from Misery to post
a request on SFT for assistance so...
The universe is a funny place. I hit this wall about 2:30 pm Friday. Ron calls me around 3 pm about an unrelated matter. By 12:30 the following day I have a viable part in my hand.

The guy from the engine company is ABSOLUTELY BLOWN AWAY by all this. As he should be.
Originally Posted by midmosandblasting View Post
Smokin don't be a stranger . Miss you even watching your truck at 2 employers ago .But I am retired now so not in town very often .
It’s tough. In the last year I did about 600 hours OT and mix travel in with that. Medicine Hat AB, Cayey Puerto Rico and Puyallup Washington are just a few of my stops in the last 12 months. The little time I do get I try to spend torturing my family with my presence
The guy that said money can't buy happiness never bought a tank of fuel for a turbo diesel.............
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