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Originally Posted by LW Hiway View Post
I've got a pair of 2005 Artic Cat 4 wheelers, a red and green pair. The customer will have me go through the fuel system, clean the tanks and carbs etc. Both have suffered that age old problem of water in the fuel system and then a few years thrown in to make sure they wont start. lol

I fix one, he is giving me the 2nd, I'm charging parts, no labor for his.
LW, Check the availability of arctic cat parts! artic cat no longer exists they no longer MFG parts for the 4 wheelers UTV and ATV they only build "Snowmobiles now" for some years! and most parts are hard as hell to get and used! there are some Aftermarket Chinese parts available through Amazonia and flebay that can be made to fit on Bolton stuff but internal and hard parts are not so adaptable... so use caution on making repair deals on arctic cat...
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