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MT is a taper specification that allows different manufacturers products to fit correctly in your machine.
The specific product determines whether any twisting moment is in play.
if there is no twist a tang can be optional.
if twisting is possible then a tang is added to increase the amount of power that can be used with the tool without slipping.
In theory the socket is harder than the tool so that when slippage occurs the machine is not damaged.
IIRC Chris (milomilo) had to ream a damaged taper.
sometimes removing tooling can need some innovation.
For example most lathe head stocks have a quite large MT and if used may require an adapter say MT6 to MT3 to get your tooling to fit.
to remove the tooling you need to put a piece of stock it from the back and bump it out.
The adapter that came with my lathe may have been made by the previous owner but it totally lacks any back side to bump against. If the smaller taper breaks free first I am left with an almost impossible task as I need a dog leg punch to be able to contact the back edge of that adapter through the spindle.

I have a set of MT collets that are threaded in place of the tang so that a draw bar can be used to close them around the stock. that draw bar is bumped to release the part.
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