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I look at it differently. If you wait for the perfect lathe, you may never get one. The Atlas appears to be a good value, especially if those drawers are full of tooling. Buy the lathe, use it for a while and when you are ready for a better lathe, sell it. You will probably make money on the deal and score some free tooling. By using the Atlas you will get a better idea of what you are really going to do with the lathe, the size you need, the features etc. Or if you are really going to use machine tools.

My first lathe was a Southbend 9A. I got a good deal at the time. It had a ton of tooling, most of which I still own. I quickly found that the SB9 was way too wimpy for my needs, but I used it for 5 years, made a lot of stuff on it and learned quite a bit from using it. When the time came, I bought a 13" TurnPro and it has served my needs perfectly. I then sold some of the tooling for what I paid for the lathe and then sold the SB9 for almost twice the original price. Long story short, the original purchase just about paid for my TurnPro.

Good luck

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