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Originally Posted by platypus20 View Post

It seems to be rather cold blooded, after running it for roughly 45 minutes, I shut it off for about 2 minutes, to clean out a small clog in the outlet. I had to choke it to get it to restart. Flip on the choke, one quick pull, and it chugged to life, slow even puffs, then as you open the choke the rpms pick up, from the first chug to the idle rpm, roughly 5-8 seconds, then it runs perfectly.
I own only one Predator engine, the 11hp I put on Ol' Yaller to replace the Onan engine I finally gave up on maintaining.
It has to be choked every time I crank it, hot or cold, but has started & run very reliably. I have heard or read that this is common to the species.
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