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Default Harbor Freight #62323 Chipper/Shredder

At 9 am this morning, I bought a Harbor Freight gasoline powered chipper/shredder, model #62323, that has the 6-1/2hp Predator gasoline engine. I jammed it into the Equinox and took it home and assembled the unit (wheels and handles, filled it full of gas and oil, it started on the second pull.

While the engine is relatively quiet, the chipper/shredder part of the unit is quite noisy. I removed the clean out covers and check to see if the hammer blade assemblies were tight, they where, it seems very well made.

I’m very happy with it, the wife wished it produced a nice wood chip. She was expecting mulch style chips, there is a strange mix of saw dust, 6-8” long twigs and chunks about as big as my first thumb joint. It transformed a pile of Arbor Vidies branches the size of a full size Chevy van, into roughly 55 gallons of shredded wood scraps, the local town will gladly accept.

It seems to be rather cold blooded, after running it for roughly 45 minutes, I shut it off for about 2 minutes, to clean out a small clog in the outlet. I had to choke it to get it to restart. Flip on the choke, one quick pull, and it chugged to life, slow even puffs, then as you open the choke the rpms pick up, from the first chug to the idle rpm, roughly 5-8 seconds, then it runs perfectly.

I never thought I’d ever own a HF gas powered anything, but it really is surprising in both operation and build quality.
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