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Default connecting copper pieces together

My wife has asked me to make some ivy out of copper. It's going to be some climbers for the chimney, so lots of leaves.

Edited to add:

TL;DR version- screw it. After looking around at the pain and what it's going to cost, I'm going to use iron and paint it! I'll use the copper for something else.

My question is a recommended method to adhere the leaves to the wire. I can sweat them on, (there would be a flap that I would form around the wire "vine" so that I have enough surface area) but then the solder might show. I have an oxyacetylene rig but have never welded copper. And wouldn't that take some kind of flux? I guess that that would be easy to scrub off.

Any recommendations?

In the interest of not losing the rest of my sanity, I'm going to make the leaves all the same size. I can sandwich the leaf blanks between some aluminum blocks and either cut them on my band saw or have a friend cut the stack in his mill. I have about feet 50 feet of 20 mil by 2" wide and about 70 feet of 10 mil by 1-1/2" wide strap on coils. Either can be easily cut to shape and formed. I'll patinate the thing with ammonia, which I've done before on other projects. Here's an example. I got solder bleeding out of most of the joints, to some degree or another. You might not be able to see that, because my camera skills are shit. I was working at Cape Canaveral on TDY (civilian) and had time to do a little copper work there. This was made with a propane torch, solder and a bunch of spring clips to keep it together, since the copper conducted the heat to every joint during soldering. I only burnt myself a few times. Wow, this got long.
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