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Originally Posted by Ironman View Post
...That may be the case this year, after operation I can't fly for a while. Tickets are booked and we may be screwed...
I guess it depends on how long you have to wait after the operation before you can fly. Unless it's a very long time you should be able to make it to Mexico for a while. Might not miss the worst of the Alberta winter but you could still get way for a bit.

Originally Posted by Bountyhunter View Post
...I've been thinking about you in this weather and am happy to hear that the water is flowing. My friend is a plumber and he has been very busy with water lines in mobile homes this last week...
A lot of us are watching to see if--or when--the pipes freeze up. Should have started a lottery and used it to make some money.

It may depend on how deep the pipes are buried. Pretty sure it was mentioned earlier in the thread but I can't remember and I'm not gonna dig back through the entire thread to find out. If the frost hasn't gone that deep then, of course, the pipes won't freeze. Once it gets down to the level of the pipe it could be a different story. I applaud Gerry's confidence about being able to easily thaw the pipes if they do freeze--I hope he's right.

I for one know that plastic pipes will freeze if they're exposed to the cold. I've got a couple of plastic lines in the yard that are not buried and once the temperature gets down below a certain point they'll freeze if not protected by a heat tape. I'm chicken enough that I don't want to find out what it takes to freeze them--as soon as there is any chance of frost the heat tapes get plugged in. The last thing I want is to be fighting with frozen water pipes--been there done that in my earlier years and I sure don't need to play that game now that I'm older.

Strangely enough my pump house froze up earlier this week. It's well insulated but I keep a heat lamp in there as insurance. I thought I had already plugged it in but apparently not. Wife phoned me late on Tuesday afternoon with the good news. There are a number of pipes in there feeding different parts of the property and I know from experience that it's impossible to know which one--or how many--are frozen so I just plugged in a small electric heater and just left it overnight.

I was afraid that enough water had been drained from the system that I'd have to screw around priming the pump or doing other things to get the water flowing but when I went out in the morning to get it working all I had to do was turn the pump on and the water started to flow. Needless to say I was a happy camper.

In spite of what some people seem to think we do get winter and cold weather here in the Valley. It certainly doesn't get as cold as many of you are used to and we seldom get a lot of snow but it does happen. Over the period when the pump froze the overnight temps were getting down around -10 C (14 F). We had about a week of that and there's 8"-10" of snow on the ground. It was really pretty for a few days but now it's warming up and they're saying we're going to get rain later today and tomorrow--there's going to be water lying everywhere...

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