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Originally Posted by greywynd View Post
Ring markings mean squat here. ‘Owning’ a bottle is basically a lifetime lease, as they are always exchanged, never refilled.

So it really depends where you are located.

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That, May not. mean "JS" there! But, It does here and matters here!
So the information provided is for where it Does Matter!

And, it does pay here, to know what your buying... (Again, "Here") larger owned bottles means less time running to get refills. owning the real ownership size bottles means, No hassles, and not having a bottle confiscated because you bought it from some jack off on CL claiming "Oh yeah I own it"

And here AG can be real assholes, And for "Newbies" getting into using gases why not point them in the right direction instead of left...

So, Why not! just play by the rules "accordingly to the geographical regions!"
If, Most LWS counter help, didn't make up their own rules as they go. It would not be so confusing for the Newbie as they, "the counter help" see, oh, an "FNG." walking through the doors.

When there is nothing wrong, in pointing someone in the right direction... Or,
giving the regular repeat customer a price break...

So, geographical regions! Make all the difference. plus new laws here in the state also says it is "illegal" for transporting more than 4-6 bottles at a time unless permitted to do so. and certain gasses Can Not! be transported laying down!

As well as AG employees are no longer allowed to remove or replace a bottle in your vehicle any longer... you have to unload and load on your own... So Again "Here" is where some of us start to rethink the size of bottles we use for sheer convenience sake.
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