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Other: Rhino3D

I picked this stuff up when we were drawing up fishing lures/molds. It was sorta pricey back then, but we were able to buy the student/educational model and I've used it since then without any issues. I'd like to upgrade it and wouldn't hesitate to pay full price now, I've just not had any real justification to do so. If the right project came up and I could work it into the cost I'd do it in a heartbeat.

It's relatively simple, has plugins for everything, and works well at drawing up more fluid or organic features. It's one of the top ones used for modeling boats and ships, as well as jewelry and small parts. Very powerful and doesn't take a whole lot of processing power.

It'll handle opening and converting all the other CAD file formats, and outputting the same from it's native .3DM file format.
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