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Originally Posted by astronut View Post
In all honesty, I have bought the name brand Ospho from a metal shop and the generic brand of it from Lowes. Used them both and so far can not tell the different results from either. Sprayed the generic from Lowes on my tin roof and it did the trick. The tin roof was sprayed with it over 15 years ago and it does not have and never got another rust spot on it since then. I am thinking it is not so much garbage or too bad. Have also used it on many other projects with the same effect. The generic performed as well as the name brand in my opinion. Thats my story and I am sticking to it. Just a hint, add a touch of water to which ever you are using and it adds to its rust killing, rust preventative properties. Do not over pay for the real thing when the generic is just as good if not better at a lower price! YMMV!
I am referring to that garbage that is concentrated you mix 50/50 with water never does anything but cause rust to happen... they might now carry another brand of generic and are some out there but chemically the same and priced as such... Ospho is just the brand I swear by and has never let me down.
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