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Originally Posted by ShawnR View Post
Lazy? or smart? As I mentioned, I referenced plans, but winged it alot, depending on what material I had in stock. ie the 1x2" tube for the platen frame. I did not have a lot of 1/2" plate and liked the wheels being supported on both sides. I don't know the advantages of one over the other.

Are you looking for variable speed? What size motor? Horizontal option? I could see that as being very handy. I think, when I started, my criteria was variable speed, horizontal option, use a treadmill motor. I kind of liked the pressurized tube instead of a spring for belt tension so I went that direction.
I like your idea of using a treadmill motor, round here we get hard waste roadside collections a few times a year and there are often treadmills being chucked out. The plans allow for it to turn on it’s side but don’t know if I will do that. I have been sidetracked with a guitar refurbish so will have to get back to it, I sorted the steel but haven’t picked it up yet. This is really a side project, most of my energy goes in making batches of steel wheels for garden ornaments which I sell so I keep threatening to do it between wheels but there is a bit of demand for them so it gets put back again.
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