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Originally Posted by BukitCase View Post
Bought my Case 580B about 12 years ago, it's become more of a necessity as I deteriorate (get older) - the engine had (supposedly) been "rebuilt by an out-of-work diesel mechanic as payment for a debt) - I'm pretty sure that "rebuild" was done with a rattle can - dark smoke when pushed, oil level never drops (but DOES change color to dark) - I'm NOT a diesel mechanic (altho I DO occasionally use rattle cans )

I need it to last a couple more years, when I hope to get time (and a dry place) to do a REAL rebuild, but for now it just needs to keep running -

Meantime, I'm looking for best recommendation for a (maybe?) 20W-50 oil instead of the original factory recommendation of Delo 400 SAE 30

Suggestions (SERIOUS ones) please? Steve
Get in touch with shadetreewelder. He is the lube specialist here. Dont know if that is a good thing, bad thing, or a vulgar thing but, from what I gather he is the king of making things slide, rotate, gyrate, vibrate and all that by knowing and using the proper lube! Good luck with it!
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