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Default Personal lift

I have 2 Bil jax 1572 personal lifts. Neither one will lift.
I bought these at a auction last year the are former home depot lifts that were used at the stores.
We stored them at a jobsite we were working at waiting for the owner of the jobsite to pour concrete.
He finally did and we could not get them to work. We loaded them up and now they are in my garage.
They did work last year although we had trouble with the level sensors because the level sensor mounting
plate were bent I presume when loading with a forklift. I have the level sensor off and have the leveled and its not lifting.
I have the manual and looking at the electrical diagram. There is no voltage going to the sensor. I have unhooked the foot switches that are normally open to rule out the possibility they were bad. Now I am stumped
The wheels go up as they should and I have bypassed the pump solenoid and applied 12 volts to the hydraulic valve and it will lift
Electrical diagrams are like Greek to me.
Has anyone ever worked on one of these? I know it has to be some kind of sensor but which one?
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