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Originally Posted by 4gsr View Post
Pour you a real quick 8 ft x 8 ft slab to put it on. Keep it covered until you can put up walls. Then you have a new addition to the shop!

I guess that means you won't be coming and getting the one I have?
well ken you can never have one mill to many, So I'm told...
but I haven't forgot this guy is going to deliver it but was thinking of seeing what he would charge me to go to your place so I can buy yours I found one guy but he wants 600 one way with loading and 400 trip back and I unload
so that's just not affordable for me at the moment....

but I'll be in touch with you as soon as I can get something figured out

but for adding on not gonna happen id rather figure out what I'm keeping and what can live out side first as some stuff I bought over the last 4 years is still sitting in there un used but is useful when you need it just haven't needed some of it yet.
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