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Originally Posted by MetalWolf View Post

Just started to build a electrolysis tank out of a plastic 55 gallon drum and have an old 2 amp 12v battery charger for doing large items was thinking I might use the old 24v charger being tank is so big might work better
been looking at YT videos on this and people are using all types of power supplies an one guy mentioned a 24 volt charger but video was not definitive on which he used...
Either voltage will work just fine on that size tank but 2 amps is a bit low. 8-12 amps @ 12 volts will work. 24 volts might speed it up but it might also heat it up. Remember that you'll be generating hydrogen gas so you might want to set it up outdoors.

Old lawnmower blades work very well for the sacrificial pieces. Just be sure to get your polarity correct - "positive attracts" the rust from your project piece. This is the key to remembering how to hook up your charger in order to not "sacrifice" your project part.

It is not a perfect solution but it is inexpensive and very helpful. Patience is required.

1. Before.
2. A few hours in (another reason to do it outdoors - expect a mess )
3. 24-48 hours later, I forget exactly. I think I had also lightly wire brushed it, manually.
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