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A good research spot and perhaps a good machine purchase spot also would be

Buying a powerhammer would be different than building one although there is a lot of positive info on the "Tire Hammers" over those that are a century old. An antique might be super from the hobby standpoint ,but troublesome for a business unless the purchased antique one has been refurbished. You'd still be facing "down time" if something on an antique broke though.

My personal vote for a business situation would be a Tire Hammer 'new' construction from a cost or function standpoint. I think they can be purchased already fabricated or as partial kits or as plans... Lots of options.

There are also "air actuated" hammers that a lot of folks like a lot... but they seem expensive to me.

There are several types of "Helve hammers" too.. nothing more than an
arm actuated by an eccentric and probably the least expensive type of power hammer to make although there were many factory made ones built also.

The most common antique type is a Little Giant and there seems to be substantial repair backup should something go haywire.

A forge isn't quite as complicated...Once you figure out how you want to heat the metal... Gas probably is the least trouble in a production situation unless there is a huge pile of coal in your back lot

I've done a lot of research on the various types of hammers & forges and have several plans/designs for homemade styles should that direction interest you.

You'll be amazed at the various types of hammers that have been constructed over more than a hundred years...Actually many hundreds of years
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