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Originally Posted by LKeithR View Post
Yeah, depending on the air supply, if the nozzle is too far away form the puddle you don't remove enough of it. Get the nozzle too close with too much air and you've got crap scattered everywhere--which is pretty much the case most of the time but if you're careful you can control the spread to some extent...
Having hot crap from an air gouge going all over the place can get interesting.
When I was still on the construction end of my career, I was working with the mechanics one winter. There was a floor drain that ran the length of the shop, and it usually didn't get cleaned out as often as it should, so could end up with oil soaked floor drying compound, and in this situation, a bit more than usual hydraulic oil from a leaking hose.
One of the mechanics was using the gouge at the far end of the shop and hot spatter ended up in the floor drain, which eventually caught on fire, causing a few people to move a lot faster than usual.
Those flames were easily snuffed out, and the drain got properly cleaned for the first time in months.
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