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Originally Posted by FabberMcGee View Post
400 amps is the most I've ever used and it was all I needed. Worked with a guy once that said he was using one washing hard face that was too brittle off of 48" dirt augers. Using 600 amps and flat electrodes. Said it was fast, but they had to put their Tweco quick connectors in a bucket of water to keep from burning the rubber off them. Also said the coil of welding cable hanging on the welder would jump a couple inches every time the arc made and broke. That's pretty often when it gets to sputtering.

I believe him, he was a guy that wasn't prone to embellishment.
What's wrong with a little embellishment if it enhences the story...

I went over a jump this big.. Goes back with freind couple days later.. Oh, must have been at a different spot...

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