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Originally Posted by Vern2 View Post
I know this could be an intense question. Simple explanation is okay. Can someone tell me how you index a drawing if the drawing extends longer then the table cutting surface. This is when you are pushing the cut plate through table. Is pins used or are you just lining up drilled holes or marks?
For indexing a sheet --- a way that is simple
and accurate,assuming you start with the sheet up against the end stop. First measure the distance on your machine between the inside of the large angle end beam to the sheet stopper (the side of the stopper the
sheet rests up against), mine is 6" and I imagine most machines should be approx. the same. Write it down because this is the only measurement you will ever need.
Place your drawings near this end and do the first stage of cutting. Remove the end stop and slide the sheet along until the lead in at
the end of the cut is 6" from the inside of the angle end beam (the 6" measurement must be to the nearest side of the lead in or you
will be the width of the kerf too long)

Thats it, or you can also use a laser square like they sell cheap for hanging pictures and such. You just use the square at the corner and it shows you right where the
last cuts stopped easily. To accomplish this easily you will need to make the side grate stops a solid, permanent piece of metal rather
than the drop in stops or mark your side rails with permanent marks
so you line up with the end stops.. I did this a long time ago and it helps out a lot having the stop made of a piece of
full length of the side. Just make sure you take it the full length past the last notch clear to the corner.
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