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Default Nickel Rod.

Originally Posted by boilerman
... messer rod mg289 rated at 75,000psi...2lbs of it .
so i go up to pay .....he said no tax right ....yep....that comes to 120 bucks .....WHAT!!!!....buddy you better check that again...he checks ...yep 120 bucks is 60 bucks a pound...well after a few selected words about theiving bastards....i went back to select a little cheaper rod ...well was going to go with mg262 ..80,000psi at 10 a pound ...but there was none so i settled on mg260 rated at 64,000psi...and 40 bucks for 2 pounds....i was like sh!t just last week i got 20 lbs of 309 for 80 bucks ...

Well I am not familiar with any of those rods. Is Messer the brand? I by 99 percent nickel rod for my repair on cast and it run around $25 a pound. I have bought from a few different makers in the past all of it was in the same neighborhood. The 99 nickel rod can be machined after welding that is why I buy it. That MG289 for $60 a pound it better weld itself.

Rod for oily cast???? If you preheat to a very dull red oil should not be a problem.

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