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Default Concrete finishing....all you want to know.

I am going to do my best to lay out the basics of concrete finishing for you guys. I keep having to answer the same things all thetime, which I don't mind, and later I can't find them and have to type them out all over again. So, I figure if I put it here, anyone, including me, can find it.

This thread will cover finishing only. If need be, I can create another thread on rebar or forming, or whatever lese comes up. But for now, this one will be about placing and finishing. Seeing how this is SFT, anything could happen. Hijacking is expected. I'm not sure, but it may be required in the SFT bylaws....Cutter or Madam would have to make a ruling.

If you want something splained better or clarified, just ask. I will include pics when possible. I just looked in my archive and it seems I have lost a bunch of good ones when I cleaned the computer last. Too bad. Not to worry, I have the means to get more. That is the easy part. Explaining everything may be the hard part. We'll see. I will try to break it up as much as possible so as to gaurd against everyone getting bleary eyed. I hate it when my eyes glaze over on long posts.

So, here goes.

Grand High Poobah...(by appointment.)
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