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Right now, and for the last couple years, Ive been making my living pedaling tools and parts on fleabay.

I ship OEM tools using all the usual offenders including the PO. I learned over 20 years ago, when you pack things, they need to sustain at least a 4' dead drop, because chances are almost 100%, that is what is going to happen at least once before its delivered.

Ive gotten pretty good, knock on wood.. because I never hear from anyone that their purchase got pooched.

I also will NOT sell certain things for shipping if I know it cant be sufficiently packaged for safe transfer.

Allot of times, when someone asks " What do you do " I might reply that Im in " shipping " because it seems like I spend most of my time procuring cardboard and packing shit up. My basement literally looks like a small business shipping department, complete with pneumatic carton staplers.

Just minutes ago, I was looking at a 230a Neece Leville Alternator to buy for my P/U, and my first / default search went to " who can I buy this from that WONT throw it in flat rate box with no packing and let her rip... LOL, that is sad, but true.

Been there, done that.,..
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