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Default My Saga

About 2-3 months ago I ordered a series of ER 40 collets for my new MR-26A drill bit sharpener, so I ordered the collets from My mistake, they put the 5 collets in an 8” x 8” x 8” box with obsolutely zero packaging material. The trip from California to central New York State, was like a meat grinder, the collets were basically useless, the return process was so convoluted, that I ate the purchase. Now fast forward 2 months, I made another mistake, I ordered a expensive “high precision” set of ER 40 collets, the mistake was ordering them from the same place. This set was shown in a case fitted plastic briefcase, it arrived today, the plastic briefcase was the shipping container. It was wrapped in about 3 layers of black plastic shrink wrap, the case was banged up, scuffed all to hell and inside the ”high precision” collets were laying in a pile, with a the individual shrink wrap ground off, scuff marks and dings covering them, two of the collets actually look used. To say I’m discussed is an understatement. You live and you learn, my call to the service line, was answered by a person, who’s native language was not English. I got so frustrated, that I just gave up. I’ll never order from them again.
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