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Originally Posted by Samcord View Post
Ah, you own both ends. I had pictured it differently. Is this a Hughes net service?
No, it is Xplornet. They do both land based and satellite.

Originally Posted by camdigger View Post
It is possible that your well is registered at Alberta Environment. Contract well drillers are required to pull permits and file reports on each well they drill. The permit info is available to the public and is searchable by land description. This system breaks down when you realize that many wells were drilled by unlicensed drillers and some were hand dug by landowners early on.

It is common practice to drill through and past the aquifer to get a debris sump and some wellbore storage. Not everyone is convinced it is necessary, but for the most part drillers are paid by the foot or meter of hole drilled.

I am not sure how one would pull 3.5" pipe and stuff 5" down the same hole. It would require reaming to make the hole larger. Might be just as cost effective to drill a new well.
I can understand a small extension for trash in the bottom, but some of these are real deep and the water is not.

I understand, and maybe incorrectly, that it is fairly easy for a well driller to ream an existing hole. My drilling knowledge is in rock and it sure is easier in that stuff. I am fairly sure that my water comes from the coalbed, and not solid rock. The coal is above the shale here. That would also explain the high volume, as a flat bed will draw water from miles around.
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