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So what are they saying it's not good for me to let the dogs eat popery so when they fart in the house it smells sweeter than the ones from dog chow

My dogs eat lots of meat and I give them Purina 0ne and alternate between the beef chicken and lamb... But they like just about anything all but one will car jack you for a green olive and all of them will eat chef salad...

I give them vinegar and garlic in their drinking water at times when the mosquitoes are horrible but not in like any real large quantity couple cap fulls per 30-gallon trough which a vet told us can be done.

I worry more about them chasing and catching and eating these dang red wasp and ground hornets but heck that does not seem to affect them I don't think they like them just to eat but more annoyed by them but seems to have no ill effect on them as of yet not that I like for them to do that but shoot what do you do to stop them from it anyway.

But when you pay close attention to wild animals most will not eat things they know will hurt them or make them since some are taught from very young by the parents and some are a bit hard headed like people and learn not to be making the first mistake but even domesticated dogs are intelligent enough to know there thing they know is bad but will eat in moderation and there are the touch me not they know not to eat... and well I guess there are some that are the exception to the natural rule and just act and do as a red-headed c stepchild would do and just can't figure it out as to why that hurts

But I would never knowingly allow my dogs or pets period to eat something I know would be attractive to their taste buds deliberately...

but I don't think some of the plant stuff is as toxic as they make it out to be and some for sure is only certain parts like grapes are not good for them to have the seeds sunflower seeds in bird seed are toxic in moderate amounts but yet even wild birds eat them... apple seeds are not good for dogs but apples doubt it...

chocolate is only harmful in tiny amounts when made from cocoa as lots of chocolates are made from artificial flavors and crap but some things are not worth the risk... due to the fact, some animals have a gorging issue when it comes to a type of food that appeals to their taste or since's...

I do know this. lots of wild animals in the wild when ill or injured know what to do and do and will eat and do things they normally would not. In order to help heal their selves and some of these animals also know of certain minerals to counteract certain ailments or toxins they ingest from certain meals even ones eaten out of desperation from hunger.

So I think there is some listed either out of trace amounts that even by consuming a ton would not do it but the fact it has traceable fingerprint well not it's now dangerous... like with apples one of our dogs begging for apple when someone is eating one grandson mainly but we never give him apples with a core with seeds in case he gives it to one of the birds or dogs

The original mentioned "xylitol" I am not familiar with and is good to know when there is a real and inherent danger if not watched
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