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Default paint sprayer

I bought a Wagner wide shot simple hand held impulse paint sprayer to do one thing-paint 20ft sea containers..we shoot an acrylic enamel for containers,its called Industrial Choice from Grainger,a water base vehicle, it thins with distilled water. took a bit of getting used to coming from years of solvent-based painting.. but I have to say this Wagner sprayer for $100 really gets it done with a simple 1qt cup,locks on with a 1/4twist of the cup.The cup is kinda small but I'm up and down ladders painting the containers so its not that bad to stop back into the table paint prep area and reload..Clean up is reasonable,break the gun down and wash everything with the hose or shop sink. Before you put it back together and store it,hit all parts with WD-40,it keeps the parts from sticking and corrosion. If I was to use a heavier enamel or coatings I'd rent a Graco 5gallon bucket sprayer. FWIW
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