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Default The Weekends Agenda

The weekend is here, so I decided it’s time to get some kind of order in the shop. I been building some damper assemblies, and have been working non-stop, and there are tools, parts and swarf, everywhere.

I spent about 15 minutes looking for a #6-32 tap, I know I have scads of then, but damned if I could find anyone of them. Before Monday morning, I have to sort through about 8 drawers full of taps, get them sorted and get some kind of inventory.

I also have to work out the Rockwell milling machine’s power feed situation, I really like the Rockwell mill, but the lack of power feeds has made my laziness become very apparent. The problem is the standard available power feeds, are really too large for the mill. I looked at CNC style servos, but the power supplies and other hardware, seems too complicated. My problem is I want (and eventually will get) X, Y and Z (knee) power feeds.

Enough slacking off, I got to go back to work.
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