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Originally Posted by terry lingle View Post
I was asking if the services like the gas and sewer lines pass through the area you want to build on and if so are there covenants preventing building on top of them?

Ahhh, now I get it.

In a lot of places in Alberta services are fed from the rear service alleys. Our house, because it has a side and rear alley, we’re lucky in that it was fed from the side.

There will be some hand digging to get the electrical from the existing panel, and gas has two options. There is a gas line running through the house that we may be able to tee into. If we have to go to the meter, it will be a bit more work and a longer run. I don’t know the rules etc on gas in particular well enough, so I hope to find someone local for that.

I also want to look at options for heating. A gas space heater would likely be the simplest. I’m hoping to insulate under the concrete, so I’m tempted to look at in floor radiant heat. Not sure what sort of options I have for a heat source for that. I also don’t have the plans to run water out to the shop, so would need to be a self contained system once up and running.

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