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Originally Posted by milomilo View Post
If this is a modular, set it on a foundation then no worries about water lines or leveling. I got off track with the mobile home term. I put a plastic sheet in our house in WA. Did make later trips under the house much nicer. Use some blocks or bricks to hold down the plastic sheet before you set the modular down.
Chris, in our terminology it is a single wide trailer. The make them up to 22" wide. The trailer can also be called an 80 footer, but the reality is the dwelling is 76' and the hitch makes 80'
A double wide is what we always considered a modular and now is called a RTM home. Ready to move.
When we decided to look at this option we were stunned that no one makes mobile homes and our searches were empty.
Then we learned the terminology.
Once we figured that shit out, we started looking at used, and of course everyone calls them mobiles.
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