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Originally Posted by mccutter View Post
I like the thought of a pad/slab underneath. As high as you can get it. And while your pouring concrete, you can pour the foundation for any patio/porch/Florida room/shed/driveway/carport, etc.

A "Florida Room" is an enclosed patio either under the main roof or attached to a main structure. Usually just screened in. I don't know what you call it there... Maybe an "Alberta Room"?
Sounds right. We eat and live in the carport all summer, It's not enclosed, just roofed over.
Interesting how mobile home setup has changed over time. My current residence is simply sitting on stacked concrete block piers and dirt. The kitchen end is almost sitting on the ground. Forget working under that end. Skirting is not insulated. At some point there was heat tape on the pipes but it was long gone when I replaced the poly pipe. The floor insulation is mostly gone. Probably past it's life expectancy.
There's nothing wrong with that setup, it is done all the time. But less common in the future I suspect, as they are going away from steel frames and using wood frames instead.
Trailers built for southern or coastal conditions are not well insulated to start with. And when global warming happens and a pipe breaks, the belly wrap gets ripped into, and most people call a plumber, and don't care that he took a knife to it instead of removing and replacing it, and the plumber leaves the soggy insulation on the ground, and then son of a gun,....the durn thing froze up again. Call that plumber back.
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