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Originally Posted by LKeithR View Post
Didn't think it would be that much. If you have good insulation in the skirting do you need to insulate the pad? I realize you're also looking at the reality that you're only going to be there for so long so there's a trade off between how much you put into it and how much use you get out of it. We're sort of facing the same thing now that we have the place sold. We've got to put some work into the trailer to make it more livable and presentable but we can't get too carried away, either--we'll have to find a balance somewhere.

Around here they refer to them as modular homes...
I'm referring to $46,000 for the shack repair, not including lifting the sinking kitchen. I suspect the digging, jacking and lifting will add 4-6 thou to the estimate the contractor gave me. This has nothing to do with the trailer, it just pushed me over the edge to tear down the shack and get newer, instead of lather more money on it.

The total bill for everything for the trailer footings is slightly less than 8 grand, and it is then ready to move into.
Once it is set up then it will be summer, and I won't be in any hurry. I plan to rent a hoe and finally dig a trench and lay Teck cable to power it, that roll of Teck has been suntanning for a few years now. And I will probably throw in some CAT5 cable as well to bring hindernet to the shop. The it will be harvest time.

I'll do the burn and bury ceremony next winter. Going to have a demolition sale on water tank, and furnace, and windows, stove, washer etc.

Talked to the nearest thing to a local authority here on trailer site prep, and he said the county wants a groundsheet and gravel laid down under the unit. When I talked to them they never said boo about it, and I did not want to disturb an elephant, so I took their to-do list and beat feet.
I'm ok with the gravel, and I got a 6" thick roll of landscape cloth someone threw away so I'm good.
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