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Originally Posted by LKeithR View Post
Didn't think it would be that much. If you have good insulation in the skirting do you need to insulate the pad? I realize you're also looking at the reality that you're only going to be there for so long so there's a trade off between how much you put into it and how much use you get out of it. We're sort of facing the same thing now that we have the place sold. We've got to put some work into the trailer to make it more livable and presentable but we can't get too carried away, either--we'll have to find a balance somewhere.

Around here they refer to them as modular homes...

I thought modular homes were ones that came on two or more trailers and they put them together on site. If he is getting a 20’x 76’ that might be a piece unit, hence “self contained home”. I bought a 16’x80’ 22 years ago, and I think it is 15’7” at the roof eaves, by 76’ long with the tongue. They liked to round up.[emoji4]

I got some excess ICF foam wall panels from a friend that I put up for the skirting, then put up the vinyl skirting over that. I usually don’t have to much problems with freezing under my trailer, but I do have a couple spots where I had to die repairs over the years so the floor insulation is not 100% intact anymore.

I heat with an outdoor wood water heater that I built, and have the lines run under the house, and into base board heaters in most of the rooms, so I only complain when I am cutting the firewood.

I might have an opportunity to get natural gas hooked up this summer, so planning that for the future when I am too broken up to cut firewood. It might only cost me $3000 to get hooked up now on their initial running of the main line, but if I wait 5 or 10 years, it will be 1/2 mile of current prices of installed pipe, now about $10 a foot, so figure I better take advantage of getting the gas to me now.

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