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Originally Posted by rmack898 View Post
...I have 54 stumps in the shop clearing and 174 stumps in the home site clearing to remove. The stumps range in size from 4"-10" with the majority falling in the 6-8" range. I figured if I can dig out a stump with my machine in 5 minutes, it would take just under 20 hours to clear the stumps. I picked out an average size stump and went to town. I quit at the 5 minute mark with the stump still in the ground.
Skid steer is definitely not the best machine for rootin' out stumps. Pretty sad when 4" - 6" is considered to be a log. We're down to that level some places in the province but most wood is a bit bigger than that.

...I'm going to rent an excavator for this job. Problem is nobody will rent a decent size machine to an individual. I need a Florida company and insurance. The biggest machine I can rent is going to be about 12K #s and I'm not sure if it will have enough ass to do the job in a reasonable amount of time....
That's kinda weird; all I would need to rent a big machine is a credit card with a big balance. A place that didn't know me might want me to show them that I actually know how to run the machine but otherwise no issues.

Originally Posted by SmokinDodge View Post
...One day with a real machine and all your stumps will be gone....

...It would be advantageous to take the stumps out with the tree attached....
Yeah, much easier...

Originally Posted by RED caddy View Post
...then had a stump grinder (huge) come in and mulch all the junk....
Stump grinders are generally used to grind a stump in the ground, a big ass chipper is what they use to mulch all the debris after a plot of ground is cleared. Used to be that all land clearing debris just got burned but we've reached the point around here where most jurisdictions won't allow open burning and debris has to be ground up...

Measure twice and cut once...or...wait, was that the other way around?
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