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Originally Posted by rmack898 View Post
PROGRESS We are moving in a forward direction.
The area we laid out for the shop and the house was cleared today. Tomorrow the logger will clear the driveway and start thinning the rest of the property.

I have 54 stumps in the shop clearing and 174 stumps in the home site clearing to remove. The stumps range in size from 4"-10" with the majority falling in the 6-8" range. I figured if I can dig out a stump with my machine in 5 minutes, it would take just under 20 hours to clear the stumps. I picked out an average size stump and went to town. I quit at the 5 minute mark with the stump still in the ground.

I'm going to rent an excavator for this job. Problem is nobody will rent a decent size machine to an individual. I need a Florida company and insurance. The biggest machine I can rent is going to be about 12K #s and I'm not sure if it will have enough ass to do the job in a reasonable amount of time.

I'll spend this weekend cleaning up debris and marking all the stump locations while I figure out what my best rental options are going to be.
I got a quote from both RSC and bobcat on a 45,000 pound machine not long ago. Call around or take an afternoon and go visit. One day with a real machine and all your stumps will be gone.

It would be advantageous to take the stumps out with the tree attached. Are they selling the small diameter wood for pulp wood? If it can be beat up just a little I’d try like hell to push a tree over with your long bucket then cut to length.
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