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Originally Posted by cramd View Post
A garage door that wide is something I would stay away from myself. I have seen a 16' wide door header sag towards the middle and cause problems (father-in-law's garage), and eventually get replaced with two single doors with a central pillar to stop the header sag.

Something else to consider with respect to a garage with a rear or side alley is snow clearing. Here the back alleys used to be kept clear by the garbage removal contractor as the bins were at the back property line, but once they changed to individual house, front street pick up, the alleys are no longer kept clear. Right now, the one behind my house is under between 2 and 3 feet of snow and going to get deeper before spring gets here.

Not a fan of the wide doors myself. However I think I’m stuck on a 20’ wide building. To keep it as a ‘double car garage’ for resale, I don’t have much choice.

I could squeeze two 9’ doors in, but 9’ is tight for a full size truck with mirrors etc.

A larger single door would be okay for my needs, but may cut into future use/resale some.

As to the snow, if need be I can do it myself. The alley goes along the left side of the house, and splits at the rear corner of the lot, with it also going across the back of our place. I may have to anyway, as I’ll be parking at least one trailer back there whether the shop happens or not.

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