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I had not given much thought to the property tax aspect to be honest.

Why do I want a 40x100x14 building? I want to have a space to have my own fabrication and machine shop. Part hobby, part side hustle.

I know I like to tinker with old trucks, tractors and heavy equipment. Before too long Id like to build a half scale steam tractor. Minus the boiler fabrication (I know my limits).

Machining and welding I seem to have a knack for. A bit rusty on the fab side but getting better. Im also planning to go back to school and take machine tool classes.

Im still young and not afraid to work for what I want. Hard work and perseverance has paid off so far.

The end goal is to have a couple lathes, a Bridgeport and K&T mill, maybe a CNC mill (Tormach?), plasma table, brake and a iron worker.

If the long time girlfriend sticks around she wants a space to do her crafting and maybe machinery to spin yarn from wool. Dead serious here. She even asked about raising sheep.

Then off the back of the shop will be 800 sqf of living space. May just build the exterior shell of a 20x40 house if I can make it happen.
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