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Default A rare sighting

This is the new shop in its gloriously spacious, uncorrupted first stage of existence...

It all goes downhill from here doesn’t it?
Obviously it’s so empty because it IS empty haha, I know I can’t ever expect to keep it THIS clean [emoji12].. but still, it’s already cringe-y to imagine how quickly my hoarding-tendencies will be revealed in one big downward spiral of impulsive events, blinded by the “need-to-do-this-project-RIGHT-NOW- mentality, driven by an average of 29.8 distractions per hour, and for lack of a better term..SQUIRRELS..
I also love to get level 100 excited about dragging home really worthless scrap metal and other clutter-y material [emoji53] (easily mistaken for treasure, I tell you)

I can see it now.
Tell me there’s hope?

Click image for larger version

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