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Originally Posted by MetalWolf View Post
Chris..... That is a good idea if you have the means and surface block to test it.
I don't think I would try to make my own cylinder square, I'm just not good enough.
I don't have a granite surface block yet been wanting one not that they are awful expensive or anything...

But there is are allot of tooling, I do need, But will have to come little by little in the future.

Part that sucks is more needs an wants, than time or money.

It doesn't matter if you have a mill or lathe the tool buying an DIY tools making never stops no end to it.

I have a list of things I set a goal for to acquire little by little some ill attempt to make some I'll just buy and allot of it is I'll just have to wait till the right deal for the rite price comes along....
I do have a sort of granite slab. Not certified, but likely good enough for testing.

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