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Default DIY video for spindle square

Rod if you think this thread is in wrong section feel free to move it as I was not sure where to put it...

Saw this DIY video on making a spindle square.... I thought it will make a good project for me to do..... although my buddy from PM tells me it's overkill and I don't need it, an that I just need to tram the tables with my single indicator an spindle attachment.

but this just makes since to me and what the heck I just want to try to make one.... so any way I have all the material to make this and will prolly start tomorrow.... I the vid the guy said an armature should take about two hours to make this, but heck, ill be honest its prolly going to take me awhile considering I don't consider my self even close to an armature machinist

And it just seems it will make tarmming the drill press table much faster and easier
So what do you guys think is it a worth while project and useful tool or just not needed overkill and waste of time to make one of these.

the video link is part 1 through 4 but I think you can get the idea from the first part and skip through all the camera talk
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