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Question Milling machine ?? Jabara ??

I came across a milling machine today a guy wants to do some horse trading on but it...It is "excuse the spelling" but embossed name on base was like "jabara" not particularly spelled that I didn't pay that close attention to the spelling...

It has a Bridgeport J head on it... It looks like a Bridgeport machine but put together from the two different manufacturers.... it looks to be in pretty good shape and comes with a riser for a Bridgeport for the extra height also has a DRO and a hi torque Power feeds.... 1-1/2 hp 3 ph motor all seems to be working fine.
Is it some clone that will adopt Bridgeport parts ? I am assuming it does.....

Am a bit curious have any of you seen anything like this ?

Anyway it was offered to me for an unheard of price..... guy replaced all his older working machines with new more modern machines an equipment...
His shop was an impressive set up....

I don't have room for it my self at the moment and not sure if I can make room for it but if I could wonder if it would be worth having..
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