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Appreciate all the info/suggestions, etc; good to know options. Thinking it'll depend on what happens WHEN; if I just do the holes for LB's/drains, the hole saw would be simplest (especially since those holes will all be low enough I can lean into it easier than if I was on a ladder

OTOH, if this phase ends up happening at/near the time I install the ventilation, I will DEFINITELY be using the plaz for THOSE holes (16" shutter fan, 24" motorized louver per container) so it might be just as easy to do a template for the LB's and use plasma there too.

Already have the templates done for the vent kits; they're undersized just enough so the torch can ride against the template and my (still to be finished) 3/16"x6" FB bezels (with "critter bars" outside, bug screens inside those, and rain hoods above) will fit snug into the holes.

Template pic - the rectangular piece on top is a "pusher" plate, template will get pushed up against the wall by a "cargo bar", spaced out from opposite wall with a shop cabinet carcass (bars aren't long enough) - the "spider legs" (gray plywood pieces) are so the template does NOT fall thru the wall to the ground when the cut-out piece does. Don't wanna make 3 MORE pairs of those, they weren't that easy.

ATM I still have more time than money, so the planned roof(s) ain't happenin' for at least a couple more years - in my area this means ventilation in summer, small dehumidifier in winter, or might as well just leave stuff outside - it doesn't get that cold here, so worst case I might need insulated covies in winter. In summer I've measured up to 150 degrees F inside surfaces with the IR gun, and seen some sign of condensation in colder temps.

The 20 footer I built the 24x24 roof over NEVER sees the sun, and inside temp = outside temp year round, and since my weld shop plan has moved to one of the 40' Hi-Cubes (with full length gantry crane) I won't bother venting the little one.

Anyway, thanks again for all the input... Steve
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