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If that was some sort of pin from an implement or such, could be carburized or just down right hard in the 50's RC. Long stringy fine brillo pad chips plus not being able to take a heavy cut is an indication it is hard. Your HF tool bit is pretty tough taking cuts like that on something hard.

Carbide end or fly cutter should cut flats on it. If not, SG will. After all of that work is done and the first time you take a good bite on tightening on a piece of material and it snaps off, then it is too hard to use for a chuck wrench.

All of my home made chuck wrenches are made from 1144 or stressproof. Even 1018 cold roll will work, may wear out quicker. A piece of 4140/42 HT would be ideal but not that easy to find for most of us.

The last commercially made chuck wrenches I bought were made of 4140/42 HT, they were not rock hard or even in the 45-55 HRC range.

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