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Yep, just hack it up. You've already spent more time thinking about it than it would take to do the job. We used a 6" cheapy on ours at the range when we installed the woodburning stove to run the chimney through the side. The only bitch I had about that was that the dumbass who started the hole thought it'd be cool to drill it where the flat turned into a ridge instead of moving the stove over 3"

I went back and enlarged the chimney to an 8" and just used a sawzall and a grinder with a cutting disc. It grinds/smooths just fine. If you were particularly worried about it, I'd suggest starting an 1/8" or so smaller than you need and then using a die grinder to ream it out to a tight fit. I used a high-temp chimney sealant where the two surfaces met and it's done good with up to 1/4" gaps in a couple spots.
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