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Originally Posted by BukitCase View Post
I have 5 Sea Cans that are gonna need about 12-14 holes total, most of which are 2-1/4" diameter to fit LB's for power and auto-drain hoses for dehumidifiers -

I haven't tried drilling anything yet, have exactly ONE Starrett bimetal hole saw that size and rather than find out the hard way I shoulda done something different I thought I'd check with the REAL "internet experts" (as in, "experts who hang out on the net" instead of "net-spurts" who pretend to know stuff....

So what say you - will I end up having to get something like this

AFTER I trash a perfectly good (near virgin) hole saw, and STILL need to replace the bimetal one too, or??

I'd just use the plasma, but I want these to be easily SEALED once they're in place.

No real rush, probably won't get to the FIRST one for another week or two... Steve
Don't waste your money on that Dowhat find the cheap ones on cramazon or flebay the china ones are just as good just go slow use cutting oil cheap or good the carbide teeth will brake if you go to fast using by hand I have a set of china made ones I have been using for 3 years now with no issues and are still sharp
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