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Default Drilling Corten Steel?

I have 5 Sea Cans that are gonna need about 12-14 holes total, most of which are 2-1/4" diameter to fit LB's for power and auto-drain hoses for dehumidifiers -

I haven't tried drilling anything yet, have exactly ONE Starrett bimetal hole saw that size and rather than find out the hard way I shoulda done something different I thought I'd check with the REAL "internet experts" (as in, "experts who hang out on the net" instead of "net-spurts" who pretend to know stuff....

So what say you - will I end up having to get something like this

AFTER I trash a perfectly good (near virgin) hole saw, and STILL need to replace the bimetal one too, or??

I'd just use the plasma, but I want these to be easily SEALED once they're in place.

No real rush, probably won't get to the FIRST one for another week or two... Steve
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